Austin City Council Members Stand With President's Climate Plan

City council members and health professionals held a press conference outside of Austin's City Hall yesterday to voice their support for the President's climate action plan.

Participants included Mike Martinez, City Councilman; Chris Riley, City Councilman; Elena Vann, Environment Texas; and health professionals from Physicians for Social Responsibility.

Research shows that in 2011 alone, Texas broke 327 heat records, 46 rainfall records and 18 snowfall records. Wildfires, droughts, hurricanes, floods and more have contributed to Texas being declared a disaster area 14 times since 2000. Smoke pollution has increased due to wildfires, causing more difficulties for the approximately 633,100 kids and 1.2 million adults with asthma.

KVUE News interview Councilman Martinez at the event: "[The President's plan] furthers the City Council's goals and initiatives as it relates to the green jobs plan that we have here in Austin. For every dollar that you invest in climate protection, the economic return is between $4 and $8. Why wouldn't we do that?"