Patriots gather in Boston to discuss the effects of climate change

A diverse panel of business leaders, members of the faith community, and other advocates came together at the University of Massachusetts in Boston focusing safeguarding our communities from the effects of climate change, creating good jobs and building a stronger economy. The panel was moderated by Massachusetts State Representative Aaron Michlewitz.

Boston is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and Vivien Li, President of the Boston Harbor Association, explained: "Had Hurricane Sandy hit Boston five and a half hours earlier, we would have been devastated because it would have hit at high tide. Six percent of Boston would have been affected, and water would have reached city hall," Li said. Not only has Li's organization issued a paper that details the impact of climate change in Boston, but in 2011 Mayor Menino and the city of Boston was forced to issue a plan detailing how the city would respond to the threats that climate change will bring.

Darlene Lombos of Community Labor United noted the city as an economic opportunity if it takes action , noting that "Green jobs need to be good jobs. We're talking about a green economy that's much more sustainable and allows for our communities to grow and thrive."

Photo credit: Steve Hollinger