Former Gov. Bill Richardson Leads Houston's Business Leaders In Discussion Of Clean Energy Economy

Fifty of the top business, civic and political leaders of Houston gathered at the Julia Ideson Library today to talk about the potential of Texas' clean energy economy.

In a discussion led by former New Mexico governor and U.S. Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson, Houston community leaders highlighted how Texas, while traditionally known as an oil state, is actually poised to also be a leader in the transition to clean energy economy. They went on to call for investments in renewable energy technologies, citing it as a way to spur job creation, drive economic growth and combat climate change.

"The current and future impacts of climate change are alarming, but with a bold plan for action to address climate change, we can create opportunities in new energy technologies and clean energy jobs," said State Senator Rodney Ellis in an earlier statement. "Houston can be a leader in the transformation to a cleaner energy economy and the President's plan to reduce climate change should serve as a catalyst."