Tell Your Representative: Scott Pruitt Needs to Go

Since day one as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt has made dismantling our country’s most essential health protections his number one priority. He’s leading an anti-science agenda that rigs the system for polluters and their lobbyists, who have supported his political career for decades. And he’s done it despite overwhelming support from Americans for climate action and cleaner energy.

Now, Pruitt is mired in a growing swamp of scandal. He is under six federal investigations for unethical actions taken while in office, from renting a D.C. condo from the wife of a top energy lobbyist (for far below market value) to illegally lobbying on behalf of industry. Not only does Administrator Pruitt reject the mission of the agency, he’s under investigation for misusing taxpayer dollars and illegally lobbying for big polluters.

Scott Pruitt’s dirty dealings and unethical conduct are putting us in danger. He is unfit to lead the EPA and he must go.

Call your representative and let them know that it’s time to stand up for your health by calling for Scott Pruitt’s resignation. Type your phone number into the box and you’ll receive a call from us. We’ll make sure you know what to say and then we’ll connect you to your representative– make sure to tell him or her that Scott Pruitt should be removed from the EPA immediately.

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