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TVA to update progress on long-range plan

TheTennessee Valley Authorityis set to discuss progress in updating the utilities long-range energy resources plan along with more than 1,100 comments from the public.

TVA applies for permit for 54-acre landfill

TheTennessee Valley Authorityhas filed for a permit to build a 54-acre landfill near Gallatin to store coal ash.

TVA completes retaining wall around coal ash

TheTennessee Valley Authorityhas completed a 12-mile, four-foot-wide underground retaining wall surrounding 240 acres of toxic coal ash more than five years after a catastrophic spill ...

Poll finds most voters favor limits on power plant emissions

A recent poll by the Sierra Club found seven in 10 registered voters agree, favoring proposed Environmental Protection Agency limits on the amount of carbon ...

Rep. Graves introduces major energy independence plan