33,754 people in Utah have called for climate action

President Obama and the EPA have announced carbon pollution standards for all existing power plants in America.

Will you join others around the country in saying you believe we must protect our children and future generations from climate change?

Tell the President and the EPA that you support strong carbon pollution standards.

"I strongly support the EPA's effort to limit carbon pollution from all power plants."

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We Need Climate Action Now

Congress is considering House Resolution 9: The Climate Action Now Act, which would reverse President Trump’s reckless decision to abandon the Paris Agreement and abdicate ...

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Don't Let Trump Attack the Clean Air Act

President Donald Trump and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Andrew Wheeler are launching an unprecedented assault on the Clean Air Act by attacking the authority ...

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Methane pollution standards protect our environment and keep us safe

Oil and gas methane pollution standards are commonsense safeguards that help keep our air clean and our families healthier. Now, Donald Trump and Environmental Protection ...

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Tell Your Senator You Support the Clean Power Plan

Climate change poses an undeniable threat to our national security, health, and economy. In the wake of three of the most destructive hurricanes in U.S. ...

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Clean Cars Standards and Our Health are Under Attack

Clean car standards help keep our air clean, save us money at the pump, and are the most effective policy we have on the books ...

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Tell Your Senator: No Riders

Congress is hashing out the next budget. Disappointingly, many lawmakers are once again trying to use the budget to sneak in harmful repeals of and ...

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What would Galileo do? The new EPA guidelines and global warming deniers

During the September 2011 Republican presidential debate, Gov. Rick Perry defended his denial of global warming by stating that Galileo, too, "got outvoted for a ...

Utah bill to impose fees on solar power users advances

A bill that could step up fees on some electrical customers passed out of a Senate committee Monday, but not without a parade of critics ...

EPA awards $496,000 to the State of Utah to reduce diesel emissions along the Wasatch Front

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded the Utah Department of Environmental Quality a $496,000 grant to reduce diesel emissions from heavy- duty trucks ...

Utah pol: Increase carbon dioxide

A Utah state lawmaker is introducing legislation to exempt CO2from regulation in his state, citing a need for more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Lawmakers defer ruling on 'no more stringent' environmental bill

Industry and clean air advocates squared off Tuesday in the first volley fired in this legislative session over air pollution, with both sides leaving the ...

The text of Sen. Mike Lee's tea party State of the Union response

In the few minutes I have tonight - I'd like to speak especially to those Americans who may feel they have been forgotten by both ...

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